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Understanding and perception of Wolfram Language

Posted 11 years ago
i have been reading every report of the announcement of the Wolfram Language made in 11/13/13 Stephen Wolfram's blog and i have yet to find a single one that understands that there IS a Wolfram Language, completely apart form Mathematica (and of course, there is in absolutely NO understanding of how the langage works). While ignorance is what one expects from pundits  and reporters in general, i am concerned that unless there is a truly stand-alone app of WL, independent of the rest of the 'Wolfram System' the language will be lost to the programming community even though it is clearly superior to many other programming language paradigms. that would be their loss.
POSTED BY: Richard Gaylord
2 Replies

Let's see how Wolfram|Alpha percepts the WL

What is Wolfram Language?

a clear case of self-avoidance. Does it know the world's most powerful computing system?

What is Mathematica?

Yes! So suggest a little analogy ...

Mathematica vs. Wolfram Language

okay, got it.

POSTED BY: Udo Krause
The Wolfram Language is the common language denominator for any current and future product that uses it. This product can be Mathematica  (the desktop product), or webMathematica or gridMathematica to name a few currently shipping products, but it can also be a future product (like: Wolfram Cloud ), or a product running an embedded version of the Wolfram Language (with no frontend or perhaps not even an interactive kernel session), or an app on iOS based on the Wolfram Language.
POSTED BY: Arnoud Buzing
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