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[✓] Solve a Bike Lock problem with 4 dials and 10 letters on each dial?

Posted 11 months ago
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I have a WordLock bike lock with 4 dials and 10 letters on each dial. I saw a post ( that someone used this program to find the correct lock combination. I don't know how to use this program, so if someone can tell me the possible combinations that would be great!

Dial 1 Letters: S P H M T W D L F B Dial 2 Letters: L E Y H N R U O A I Dial 3 Letters: E N M L R T A O S K Dial 4 Letters: D S N M P Y L K T E

2 Replies
Posted 8 months ago

Hi Marco,

I have the exact same lock (same letters on the same dials, in the same order) as OP, and am spinning my wheels trying to figure out how to use the handy-dandy code you helpfully shared from the other post.

It would be super helpful if you shared the complete list of 859 words -- I can confirm the word I'm looking for is not one the the 173 you already shared, and I'm quite certain I'll recognize the darn word when I see it.

Thanks in advance!

It is exactly the same as the one that was posted:

letters = "S P H M T W D L F B
  L E Y H N R U O A I
  E N M L R T A O S K
  D S N M P Y L K T E ";

dials = (ToLowerCase /@ StringSplit[#]) & /@ 
  StringSplit[letters, "\n"];

tup = Tuples[dials];
strings = StringJoin /@ tup;

words = Select[strings, DictionaryWordQ];

That list contains 859 words. Here's the first bit:

enter image description here

If this was for a lock it might be true that more frequent words are chosen with a higher probability. Here are the 50 most frequent words that are possible:

(Reverse@SortBy[wordsfreqs, Last])[[1 ;; 50]]

enter image description here

Perhaps people would not use stop words. Here's a way to do that:

stopwordlist = 
  Complement[DictionaryLookup[], DeleteStopwords[DictionaryLookup[]]];

  Select[(Reverse@SortBy[wordsfreqs, Last]), ! 
       MemberQ[stopwordlist, #[[1]]] &][[1 ;; 200]][[All, 1]], 10]]

enter image description here



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