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Exceptional Wolfram Language Developers

Posted 3 years ago
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I manage a team of quant/developers engaged in research and development projects for clients in the financial industry, including hedge funds, proprietary trading firms and individual investors.

Our work often involves assisting the client to research, develop and backtest trading strategies in equities, futures, options and forex markets. A typical project might involve building a front-end application in Python, creating an SQL database to handle large scale datasets and stored procedures to extract data for further analysis, developing latency-sensitive trading application in C#/C++, and programming api interfaces to trading platforms and market data feeds.

Increasingly, we are finding that Wolfram Mathematica offers many advantages in terms of accelerating the development of applications outside a production environment, for model building and testing, simulation and analysis. Using the Wolfram Language, it is often possible for us to build models that emulate critical components of a trading system in a fraction of the time it would take a development team using a more traditional approach.

So we are looking to hire Mathematica developers, working remotely,on a consulting basis, to help us capitalize on the rapidly growing capabilities of the Wolfram platform. You will have outstanding skills in Mathematica and a thorough familiarity with its capabilities in manipulating large datasets, creating highly efficient vectorized & parallelized code, interfacing to SQL databases, creating rich, dynamic user interfaces and compelling graphical and interactive output.

This is not a job for Mathematica newbies, or those with only a passing familiarity with the Wolfram Language from undergraduate days. Mathematica needs to be one of the main tools, if not the main tool, in your arsenal as a developer.

Familiarity with financial markets would obviously be desirable, but isn't essential.

Other skills that would be of great value include: Python R C#/C++ SQL Machine Learning Trading Platforms Algorithmic Trading Systems

POSTED BY: Jonathan Kinlay
7 Replies

Hi Jonathan,

I think the folks at Wolfram actually have such a service! perhaps @Vitaliy Kaurov know more about that?

POSTED BY: Sander Huisman

Thanks Sander - that's a different situation; we're not looking for consultants to solve a problem we have. We're looking for people to join our own consulting team, to work with us on solutions for our clients. But I appreciate the thought.

POSTED BY: Jonathan Kinlay
Posted 3 years ago

What time commitment are you looking for?


20+ hours per week

POSTED BY: Jonathan Kinlay
Posted 3 years ago

Hello Jonathan, what is the best way to contact you?


POSTED BY: Bernard Gress

Hi Bernard on

POSTED BY: Jonathan Kinlay
Posted 3 years ago

Hi Jon...sent you an email.

POSTED BY: Cary Munves
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