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A precise explanation of the P - Value

Posted 2 years ago
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5 Replies

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Thanks for the recognition. Just so people understand the context for this notebook, I developed it as part of a class I teach to students at the University of Houston Law Center, Analytic Methods for Lawyers, so that they have a good conceptual understanding of statistics. I hope it is helpful for others.

Also, ignore the last paragraph of the notebook; it should not be there. (maybe the moderators could delete it).

Posted 2 years ago

Hi @Seth Chandler , excellent post.

Do you have something similar for conditional probability? It is a topic that always raises its ugly head in court and may have sent many innocent people to jail.

The first sentence is "We are now ready for a crucial concept : the p - value." This seems to say that there are materials that precede this document.

Where can one find those materials?

Hi, this is the very first time I have encountered this site and I have sort of an off topic question How do I cite your notebook for Mendeley or Reference Manager?

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