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3D ornaments (by texturized polygons)

Posted 3 years ago
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MODERATOR NOTE: a submission to computations art contest, see more:

In brief

There are some recent attempts on this site to model Christmas trees.

Well here I show a way to make Christmas ornaments like these:

enter image description here

The graphics above were made with the WFR function TexturizePolygons which utilizes WL's Texture functionalities, PolyhedronData, and the WFR function RandomMandala.

(More random mandalas can be found in this Community post: "Random mandalas generation". )

Some details

Both 2D and 3D graphics can be produced with TexturizePolygons:

   TexturizePolygons[{"SnubCube", #}, "Radius" -> Sqrt[{6, 4, 2}], ColorFunction -> "TemperatureMap", ImageSize -> Large], 
   RandomSeeding -> 12] &
 /@ {"Net", "Faces"}

enter image description here

The animations above were generated using calls like this:

TexturizePolygons["SnubCube", Automatic, "Radius" -> Sqrt[{8, 4, 2}], 
 ColorFunction -> "Rainbow", ImageSize -> Large, Background -> Black]

enter image description here

and this:

TexturizePolygons["GreatRhombicosidodecahedron", Automatic, 
 "Radius" -> Sqrt[{6, 4, 2}], ColorFunction -> "Rainbow", 
 ImageSize -> Large, Background -> Black, 
 ViewCenter -> {0.5, 0.5, 0.5}, SphericalRegion -> True]

enter image description here

More images can be found in this Imgur post: "Polyhedrons texturized with random mandalas".

POSTED BY: Anton Antonov
4 Replies

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POSTED BY: Moderation Team

Thank you for the recognition, Moderation Team!

POSTED BY: Anton Antonov

The function WFR function TexturizePolygons was approved yesterday.

Here is something to try (with the "ReverseColor" stylesheet):

   RandomChoice[{9, 8, 3, 3} -> {"SnubCube", "Dodecahedron", 
      "Octahedron", "Cube"}], "Radius" -> Sqrt[{8, 6, 4, 2}], 
   ColorFunction -> "Rainbow", Background -> Black, 
   Method -> {"ShrinkWrap" -> True}], 3, 4], Background -> Black, 
 ImageSize -> 1200]

enter image description here

Here is another example with WFR's function ChernoffFace:

   RandomChoice[{"Dodecahedron", "Cube", "Octahedron"}], 
     ColorFunction -> "BrightBands", Background -> GrayLevel[0.3], 
     ImagePadding -> 80], 3]], 3, 4], ImageSize -> 1200]

enter image description here

POSTED BY: Anton Antonov
POSTED BY: Anton Antonov
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