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Modeling the spatial spread of infection diseases in the US

Posted 4 years ago

MODERATOR NOTE: coronavirus resources & updates:

POSTED BY: Diego Zviovich
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Posted 4 years ago

Data has been uploaded to github in zip format. the repository is:

POSTED BY: Diego Zviovich

Excellent job! Thanks Diego for sharing!

POSTED BY: Mads Bahrami

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POSTED BY: Moderation Team

Dear Diego,

just arrived to Wolfram and signed in to be able to contact you. I liked your contribution to make the GLEAMviz model more your comprehensible. I indeed read their model and the three layers and wanted to use this modelling strategy to my country Spain, which you know we are certainly hit by COVID19. In your presentation you mention that you restrict yourself to US as the data you need for the layers is easily available. I am trying to build an adaptation of this model, where apart from the population and mobility layers, I want to introduce an epidemic SEIR model for the spread. And then I would like to add some spatial+temporal effects to account for uncertainty. Now, do you know if the same type of data for the layers is available for Spain (perhaps for Europe?). Second, you have much more experience than me in mathematica,would you like joining efforts for such a project?

Many thanks, Jorge PD. Visit me at

POSTED BY: Jorge Mateu
Posted 4 years ago

Hi Jorge, sent you an email so we can discuss in detail. Best.

POSTED BY: Diego Zviovich
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