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[Notebook] Step by Step Solution to Iran MO 2019 Geometric Problem

Posted 1 year ago
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enter image description here

7 Replies
Posted 1 year ago

Hi, Newbie here, I tried this on my desktop and on the cloud and I can't seem to be evaluating this:

Show[gs["Graphics"], PlotRange -> {-2.5, 1.4}] 

correctly. I am getting:

Show::gtype: RandomInstance[GeometricScene[{-10->{0.172988,0.493315},{{Null,3,Null,Null,Null,Null,Null,7,Null},{Null,1,Null,8,Null,6,Null,2,Null},{Null,Null,9,1,7,5,4,Null,Null},{Null,Null,7,Null,Null,Null,6,Null,Null},{2,Null,Null,4,Null,9,Null,Null,3},{Null,Null,3,Null,Null,Null,1,Null,Null},{Null,Null,1,5,4,8,2,Null,Null},{Null,6,Null,3,Null,2,Null,1,Null},{Null,5,Null,Null,Null,Null,Null,4,Null}}->{0,0},{<<1>>,<<8>>}->{3,0},-10,p,{0,0},l,m,5},{GeometricAssertion[Style[Polygon[{a,b,c,d}],Transparent],Cyclic],<<9>>,EuclideanDistance[a,d]==2.7},{}],<<13>>->9] is not a type of graphics.

Using Mathematica on Mac. Any ideas? Thank you, Sorin

Sorin, how did you get the code? The recommended way is to click "Make your own copy" and click "File" to download the entire notebook. Then you can run it on local machine. I have tested on my mac in 12.1.0 and it just works.

Posted 1 year ago

Hello, Thank you for your reply. That is exactly what I did - got a file called 5e21ef92-b49c-4022-af7b-74e2af8065fc.nb, opened it in Mathematica and did Evaluate Notebook. I am sorry if I am doing something silly... Sorin

enter image description here


I notice that I have used some variable as points in gs and function name in the demonstrations, they will cause some issue if you do not run from a fresh kernel. I have updated the notebook or you can simply download the attached notebook at the bottom of this reply. Thanks for pointing out.

Make sure you discard the original notebook and use the new one from a fresh startup of Mathematica.

Posted 1 year ago

Hi Shenghui,

It works well now - thank you very much for your quick turnaround on this - great work. I am well impressed with Mathematica solving an IMO level problem in an automated fashion.

Best regards,



Thank for be interested in this topic and the demo. I have been working on AOPS/Sharygin IMO level problems for a while. For example

Stay tuned and you will see more nice geometry problems on this forum.


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