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Connecting to the Shopify API

Posted 3 years ago

I've got a project that I'm going to start on next week. Before I try to recreate the wheel, I wanted to ask the community if anyone else has connected Wolfram to Shopify.

Also, this is a project that I could use a collaborator if anyone is interested.

Thanks. Have a great weekend.

POSTED BY: Mike Besso
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Please do post if progress is made. Would be a nice ServiceConnect

POSTED BY: Kyle Keane
Posted 3 years ago

I'd be happy to lend my assistance for collaborating. I'm familiar with the Wolfram functionality around making HTTP requests, including the HTTPRequest and HTTPResponse expressions. I haven't used Shopify, but I have used WooCommerce and gotten my hands dirty in its code.

POSTED BY: Joel Klein
Posted 3 years ago

Sorry for the delay, I've had some personal issues to tend to. And when I do get back to this forum, I sometimes find it difficult to find what I need to respond to.

I've made progress using the REST API directly. My first app looks at recent orders and then applies a set of rules to add tags to the customer.

While this works, it is not pretty. I would much rather use ServiceConnect.

I've tried Googling for how to create a custom ServiceConnection. The only thing I've found was a 2017 Stack Exchange post.

But, it seems like a great deal of additional work for what I'm trying to do.

Does anyone know of other examples creating custom ServiceConnections?


POSTED BY: Mike Besso
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