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Computational chess 1: restart a game w/ Forsyth–Edwards Notation (FEN)

Posted 6 months ago
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The second part of the blog about StockFish 12 Link is found here

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Ok, that's going to sound lazy of me, but may I suggest a project with this ?

On, there is an opening training function. It uses the spaced repetition method and it's very nice but there is one problem : you have to pick your openings. I don't like having to pick opening lines. I don't know what is the best response to any particular line, and grandmaster games use several approaches, who am I to pick one ? I know I could just pick one that suits my style, but I don't like having to do that kind of analysis, it defeats the purpose of the spaced repetition method, which is a bit of a "dumb", brute force approach to memorization (and I like that dumb, brute force method, it's paradoxically satisfying).

Anyway, I wish there was a program that would automatically build an opening book.

It would be a something like this :

    color_,  (* do we want an opening book for black or white ? *)
    depth_, (* max number of half-moves to study *)
    maxBranching_, (* max number of good opponent moves to put in the book *)
    maxTime_, (* number of seconds of analysis per position *)
    contempt_  (* could be used to impose style : large contempt for aggressive openings *)

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