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[R&DL] Q&A with Visualization and Graphics Developers

We will be hosting the first ever Wolfram R&D Live Q&A session on Twitch and YouTube featuring developers from Visualization and Graphics! Join us Wednesday SEP 28 at 11 AM CST.

Brett Champion (Visualization), Yuzhu Lu (Graphics - Desktop) and Matthew Adams (Cloud) will be the developers answering questions. You can help us narrow down topics interesting to you by discussing them on this thread.

What are some topics that you would like to see them discuss? Please comment below.

Here are some examples of topics:

  • Animated plots
  • Exporting Graphics3D objects to 3DS, OBJ, DAE, STL
  • Highlighting in GeoGraphPlot
  • RGBColor, GrayColor and Hue
  • Legends in different types of graphs

Add your topic suggestions and questions below!

Find out more about Wolfram Visualization here.

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POSTED BY: Keren Garcia
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This past week, we featured our first ever Q&A featuring Graphics and Visualization developers!

Find a recording of the livestream on Twitch or YouTube.

Here are some updates on questions we received during the livestream:

From rhermans: Mathematica Stack Exchange

Answer: We are actively improving our Import & Export capabilities. The Import & Export team will give a detailed response in an upcoming Q&A.

From Tanner Legvold: Mathematica Stack Exchange

Answer: Part 1 , Part 2

From Adam: Mathematica Stack Exchange

Answer: Thank you for your suggestion. We have forwarded it to our developers of computational geometry.

From Murray Einsberg: How to "dolly" into a 3D graphic in Mathematica 13.1?

Answer: Video

From jarikirma: Are there plans to support more complicated plots on Row and Column sort of PlotLayouts? Such as multiple Fillings between multiple plots defined individually for each panel, which at least I wasn't able to make to work when I tried it...

Answer: Video

From SGHuisman: Any plans on adding axis-breaks? To include either points that are very large in the y direction, or if you have points in the x direction in (let's say) two group but far away from each other

Answer: Video

From rohit_namjoshi: Please explain ListLinePlot[Table[RandomReal[{i, i + 1}, 20], {i, 3}], PlotLayout -> "Row", FrameLabel -> {"A", "B", "C"}]

Answer: Video

From Jonathan Shock: What's the best way to set up animations such that they work smoothly on the Wolfram Cloud?

Answer: Video

From daneelsan: ‚ÄčI need to learn to do a toolbar like that custom one

Answer: Video

From kfastus: Built-in pan/zoom on 2d plots similar to the 3d ones someday?

Answer: Video, Experimental Pan/Zoom

From Ian Williams: In Geographics is there a way to style the GeoScaleBar? ‚ÄčAnd in DynamicGeoGraphics, the GeoScaleBar doesn't resize when zooming.

Answer: Video

POSTED BY: Keren Garcia
Posted 6 months ago

In the section "How to "dolly" into a 3D graphic in Mathematica 13.1?" there was a demonstration of function Visualize3DView[] with the statement this function would appear in the Wolfram Function Repository by Nov 2022. What is its status? I currently can't locate it. Thanks.

POSTED BY: Brian Swift
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