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Course models: Disease Ecology & Evolution, Evolutionary Medicine

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POSTED BY: Gareth Russell
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POSTED BY: Moderation Team

What a wonderful material, @Gareth ! Do you have other notebook modules in your course? Many educators here on this network would highly appreciate such through work.

POSTED BY: Vitaliy Kaurov

This started off as a notebook about ecological metapopulations, the basic model of which is identical to the SIS model of disease. In fact, what I posted was half of the actual notebook: the main one starts with a section on metapopulations (I have deleted that for students who are just interested in disease models). And that metapopulation notebook is one chapter in what is effectively a textbook (about 12 notebooks) on computational ecology! It was for a graduate course with that title. What I posted here is a spin-off that I use in a different undergraduate course. Sadly, I haven't taught the computational ecology course for a while. The notebooks are not in terrible shape, but the code would need some polishing if I taught it again. Especially as that course was intended also to introduce students to coding in the Wolfram Language. But I'd like to!

POSTED BY: Gareth Russell

Very nice!

Please see if the new CompartmentalModeling paclet can make your teaching easier. I'd be more than happy to work with you to that end.


POSTED BY: Robert Nachbar

Thanks. That paclet looks very interesting. This particular notebook is 80% about the writing and 20% about the code (which is why relatively little code is exposed, at least until the last section). But the paclet functions will certainly make the building of proper models easier, especially the ability to specify age structure without having to code all the equations by hand!

POSTED BY: Gareth Russell
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