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Extend your python with Online Mathematica API

Posted 10 years ago

Update: Do not miss this online event for API

This post is to show how to enhance your python with Mathematica online api with an elaborated example. You may refer to this video for basic ideas before you try the steps below.

image_video icon

Let's take a look at the product. I have defined one function in python, apiPlot. This function calls a customized API from Mathematica Online deployment and render icosahedron ball. Python opens it locally as the output. You can modify the parameters as well to get several different plots.


You need the following steps to implement the code

  • Get a Mathematica online account for development if you do not have

  • Use the modified code from this example (available in the attached notebook) and implement it in the online notebook


  • Evaluate the online notebook and make sure it is evaluated correctly

  • Click the Deploy button on the top-right corner can choose Instant API


  • Click Add to pick up the function that you want to call from the API. In my case, just add "f"

    function table

  • Scroll down to expand the "f" and check its argument list (click the circled opener to reveal the details). You can click test api to run the function directly from within the window after you put the values into the function.

enter image description here

In this case there is only one function involved and the result in the notebooks is correct, you can just go ahead and click the publish.

On the Python side, the implementation is rather simple with default argument support (you will need PIL package for Image):

import urllib
import Image 
def apiPlot(conv=6,dis=-3,icos=-1,sep=0.2):
   head= ""
   encodedlist = urllib.urlencode(inputList)
   img ="test.jpg")

Once you save it in the file and run the code in terminal:

$: python -i
 >>> apiPlot()

you can get the same result as my very first screenshot. In fact this piece of code is quite universal, you can change api function/argument names and call most plot/graphics functions via Mathematica online API.

You can refer to more detailed Python+Wolfram Alpha API tutorial from the following link

POSTED BY: Shenghui Yang
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Accessing this online API does indeed work well:

  • Get a Mathematica online account for development if you do not have

Since this short tutorial was posted today, when will this be possible for the public?

POSTED BY: Szabolcs Horvát

I am not sure about the exact release date. But you can contact to request for a developer account if possible.

POSTED BY: Shenghui Yang
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