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Brain Curve - subcortical structures, etc.

Hi every one, i doing a report for my school, and i want to include some images of the brain, i know that in wolframalpha i can made an brain curve, but i want to know if there is a way to make the same curve in mathematica, and if there is posible to edit that curve to show subcortical structures and if i can make things like put color, or other type of editions like that?

POSTED BY: Oscar Rodriguez
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Well i need some images to add in my document, when i say brain curve i mean: I want to know if there is posible to manipulate this curve, to show subcortial structures and add some edition

POSTED BY: Oscar Rodriguez


I am not really sure what exactly you mean by brain curve (an EEG?), but you seem to ask whether it is possible to highlight different brain structures etc - perhaps from a CT image or so?

Please have a look at this website:

It does contain some Mathematica code, which does segmentation of certain brain images.

Hope this helps, Marco

POSTED BY: Marco Thiel
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