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Combining AIAssistant and new MermaidInk ResourceFunctions

POSTED BY: Seth Chandler
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Thanks for this post, Seth!

Some might be interested in installing Mermaid-JS/CLI and then utilize the resource function MermaidJS.

(I plan to make a "MermaidJS" paclet soon.)

The advantages of using Mermaid-CLI over Mermaid-Ink:

  • Mermaid-CLI uses a "local" (on your computer) JavaScript installation -- i.e. does not go to "the cloud" and share Intellectual Property (IP) drawings

  • Besides IP, Meramaid-CLI has more diagram generation options

  • (I think) Mermaid-CLI is 2-3 times faster than Mermaid-Ink

POSTED BY: Anton Antonov

As promised above -- check out the paclet "MermaidJS" :

enter image description here

POSTED BY: Anton Antonov

enter image description here

Create mermaid-js code for a graph describing the power dynamics in Game of Thrones.  Make it a top down diagram. Don't separate lines of the mermaid-js code with a semi-colon. Take the Mermaid code and wrap it in a string. Then wrap the string in a Wolfram Language ResourceFunction called MermaidInk
POSTED BY: Bob Sandheinrich

The ability to couple an AI with the Mermaid diagramming tool is very powerful. It's too bad that the AI got the animal taxonomy wrong.

POSTED BY: Robert Nachbar

How come there's no link between Robert Baratheon and Joffrey Baratheon ;)

POSTED BY: Seth Chandler

Maybe connecting the Baratheons that requires GPT4 (GoPT4?).

I was using 3.5 as well.

POSTED BY: Bob Sandheinrich

Of course, using "OpenAIMode" is better!

(And, yes, I was thinking to troll Christopher Wolfram's post with those kind of statements too.)

POSTED BY: Anton Antonov

Is this with ChatGPT-3.5 or ChatGPT-4.0?

GitHub started supporting Mermaid a year ago (or so.) Hence, ChatGPT-3(.5) would not be that trained with those kind of diagrams.

POSTED BY: Anton Antonov

I'm not 100% sure but I believe AIAssistant uses gpt3.5-turbo by default and I did not do anything fancy to try to get it to use GPT4.

POSTED BY: Seth Chandler

ChatGPT is "just" hallucinating answers, so no surprise here!

Also, keep in mind that ChatGPT-3.5 is used (with temperature 0.7.) ChatGPT-4.0 and/or lower temperatures might be producing much better results.

BTW, I am working on a workaround of the ChatGPT's code hallucinations (when it comes to code generation.) But that workaround only works for code that is already "known and parameterized."

POSTED BY: Anton Antonov

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