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Improving the longitudinal spot width of an optimizingly designed transcranial ultrasonic lens

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POSTED BY: Ueta Tsuyoshi
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I am very happy that this post was created and that it was selected as a Staff Pick. This notebook gives great results, but if we repeat the optimization 20 times, the computation time will be around 20 days. The computation might be made much faster using advanced Mathematica's functions. However, version 7 can solve simultaneous equations much faster than later versions. I am currently trying to optimize the arrangement of point-like scatterers for a transcranial ultrasound lens that can uniformly stimulate the brain with ultrasound for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

POSTED BY: Ueta Tsuyoshi

Dear Ueta Tsuyoshi-san, this is a wonderful article, thank you for publishing it on our network. I also liked the story you told in your bio about how you use Mathematica since version 2.0.

To speed up your calculations and because you have many Sum, Do and Table functions, did you ever try to parallelize over multiple CPU cores your computer might have? Here are some useful doc pages:

POSTED BY: Vitaliy Kaurov

Thank you for calling me the Japanese way.
Thank you for your interest and suggestion.
I am now using some workstations with AMD EPYC 7763 (64Core, 2.45GHz), with Intel Xeon 6154 (3.0GHz 18 Core ) and so on.
Your suggestion is fruitful.
Such a suggestion might be the greatest benefit of this community.
Certainly, although the optimizing process is iterative, the loops or sums within the iteration should be made faster by parallelization.

POSTED BY: Ueta Tsuyoshi

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