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How I plan to visit every Wimpy Restaurant in the UK

How I plan to visit EVERY Wimpy Restaurant in the UK the map of the tour London zoom

POSTED BY: Anthony Zupnik
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It would be interesting to get the number of calories in your usual order:

Entity["Food", {EntityProperty["Food", "FoodType"] -> ContainsExactly[{
Entity["FoodType", "Hamburger"]}], 
   EntityProperty["Food", "AddedFoodTypes"] -> 

Good luck on the trip!

POSTED BY: Daniel Sanchez

Thanks @Daniel Sanchez ! I've been working on some content with @Gay Wilson with regards to food. I'm hoping to create an EntityStore with all the Wimpy nutritional information from data found here:

POSTED BY: Anthony Zupnik

Just letting the readers know there is another post relevant to the Wimpy Restaurant UK tour -- a very enjoyable (and useful) read:

Tourist Information: making use of AI and LLMs to find local attractions

POSTED BY: Vitaliy Kaurov

Looks like the people of Sunderland have a long journey to get their Wimpy burgers

POSTED BY: Danny Finn

89 Miles! Not as bad as it could be.

POSTED BY: Anthony Zupnik

Actually I should probably use TravelDirections, instead of GeoDistance, which brings it to 113 Miles. That's starting to get a bit far.

POSTED BY: Anthony Zupnik

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