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[WSS24] Building a RAG for arXiv data

Posted 10 days ago

enter image description here

POSTED BY: Michael Ernest
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Posted 4 days ago

I'm digging the sneak preview of the upcoming SemanticSearchIndex and VectorDatabase functionality ...

POSTED BY: Updating Name

The following which I wrote some while ago as a demo and was not SemanticSearch oriented of course) exists in the Wolfram LLMTools Repository but is not publicly visible because of a bug in the repository (which the developers are meant to fix). ArXiv Search LLMTool

I look forward to reading your post in detail and comparing notes! In the Wolfram Solutions group we are actively working on projects and demos using the new SemanticSearch functionality more generally and I hope to learn some more from your project.) Good work!


POSTED BY: David Reiss

I need to stitch the code together in a coherent way, but I'm happy to share the experience and contribute what I can.

POSTED BY: Michael Ernest

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