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How can you obtain a list of available qualifiers values for EntityProperty

Posted 10 years ago

I was checking out this week's Wolfram Blog - Which is closer: Local Beer or Whiskey?

The question, how can you obtain a list of available qualifiers and valueswithin a specific EntityProperty.?

In the example For Beer Consumption, the underlying code is

EntityProperty["Country", "AgricultureConsumptionPerCapita", 
   {"AgricultureProduct" -> "Beer"}]


1)how can I know that the underlying qualifiers are available? (in this example "AgricultureProduct")
2) What are the values available for a given key (eg "Beer")

POSTED BY: Diego Zviovich
3 Replies

Hi Diego,

I suppose that the procedure could be like this: There are four main levels: Entities, Properties, Quantifiers and QuantifierValues.

You create an entity with an inline freeform input shift+ =; you then type in what you are interested in, e.g. United Kingdom.

enter image description here

That creates an entity. Alternatively, you can look at all Entities by typing


which gives

{"AdministrativeDivision", "Aircraft", "Airline", "Airport", \n    "AmusementPark", "AmusementParkRide", "Artwork", \n    "AstronomicalObservatory", "AtmosphericLayer", "Beach", "BoardGame", \n    "Book", "Bridge", "BroadcastStation", \n    "BroadcastStationClassification", "Building", "Canal", "Castle", \n    "CatBreed", "Cave", "Cemetery", "Character", "Chemical", "City", \n    "Cloud", "Color", "Comet", "Company", "ComputationalComplexityClass", \n    "Constellation", "ContinuedFraction", "Country", "CrystalFamily", \n    "CrystallographicSpaceGroup", "CrystalSystem", \n    "CurrencyDenomination", "Dam", "DeepSpaceProbe", "Desert", \n    "Dinosaur", "Disease", "DisplayFormat", "DistrictCourt", "DogBreed", \n    "EarthImpact", "Element", "Exoplanet", "FamousAlgorithm", \n    "FamousChemistryProblem", "FamousGem", "FamousMathGame", \n    "FamousMathProblem", "FamousPhysicsProblem", "FictionalCharacter", \n    "FileFormat", "Financial", "FiniteGroup", "Forest", \n    "FrequencyAllocation", "Galaxy", "Gene", "GeologicalLayer", \n    "GeologicalPeriod", "GivenName", "Glacier", "Graph", \n    "HistoricalCountry", "HistoricalEvent", "HistoricalPeriod", \n    "HistoricalSite", "IntegerSequence", "InternetDomain", "IPAddress", \n    "Island", "Isotope", "Knot", "Lake", "Lamina", "Language", "Lattice", \n    "LatticeSystem", "MannedSpaceMission", "MathWorld", "MedicalTest", \n    "MeteorShower", "MetropolitanArea", "Mine", "Mineral", "MinorPlanet", \n    "Mountain", "Movie", "Museum", "MusicAct", "MusicAlbum", \n    "MusicAlbumRelease", "MusicalInstrument", "MusicWork", \n    "MusicWorkRecording", "Mythology", "Nebula", "Neighborhood", \n    "NotableComputer", "NuclearExplosion", "NuclearReactor", \n    "NuclearTestSite", "Ocean", "OilField", "Park", "Particle", \n    "ParticleAccelerator", "Periodical", "PeriodicTiling", "Person", \n    "PhysicalSystem", "PlaneCurve", "Planet", "PlanetaryMoon", "Plant", \n    "Pokemon", "Polyhedron", "PopularCurve", "PreservationStatus", \n    "PrivateSchool", "Protein", "PublicSchool", "Pulsar", "Reef", \n    "Religion", "ReserveLand", "River", "Rocket", "Satellite", \n    "SchoolDistrict", "Ship", "Shipwreck", "SNP", "SolarSystemFeature", \n    "Solid", "Source", "SpaceCurve", "Species", "SportObject", "Stadium", \n    "Star", "StarCluster", "Supernova", "Surface", "Surname", "TimeZone", \n    "TropicalStorm", "Tunnel", "UnderseaFeature", "University", \n    "USCongressionalDistrict", "Volcano", "Waterfall", "WeatherStation", \n    "Word", "ZIPCode"}

You hover over it with the mouse and see its input form, which you can also get by wrapping that into InputForm. You get something like:

Entity["Country", "UnitedKingdom"]

That tells you that the overarching structure is "Country". To see all possible properties of that you can type


That gives a very long list of properties. You choose the one you like and copy it and wrap it into InputForm and get:

  EntityProperty["Country", "AgriculturalConsumptionPerCapita"]

Note that the outermost function has changed from EntityValue to EntityProperty.

Use the "Qualifiers" option in EntityValue (!), to see all possible "options". In this case

EntityValue["Country", "AgricultureConsumptionPerCapita", "Qualifiers"]


   {"AgricultureProduct", "Date"}

These are the alternatives for the next level. If you use

EntityValue["Country", "AgricultureConsumptionPerCapita", "QualifierValues"]

it shows all possible items you might want to look for:

{"AgricultureProduct" -> {"Apple", "AquaticPlant", "Banana", "Barley",
    "Bean", "Beer", "BovineMeat", "Cassava", "Cephalopod", "Cheese", 
   "CoconutOil", "Coffee", "CottonseedOil", "Cream", "Crustacean", 
   "Date", "DemersalFish", "EdibleOffal", "Egg", "FreshwaterFish", 
   "Grape", "Grapefruit", "GroundnutOil", "Honey", "LemonAndLime", 
   "Maize", "Milk", "Millet", "MuttonAndGoatMeat", "Nuts", "Oats", 
   "Olive", "OliveOil", "Onion", "OrangeAndMandarine", 
   "PalmkernelOil", "PalmOil", "Pea", "PelagicFish", "Pepper", 
   "Pigmeat", "Pimento", "Pineapple", "Plantain", "Potato", 
   "PoultryMeat", "RapeAndMustardOil", "RiceMilledEquivalent", 
   "RicePaddyEquivalent", "Rye", "SesameseedOil", "Soybean", 
   "SoybeanOil", "Spices", "SugarAndSweeteners", "SunflowerseedOil", 
   "SweetPotato", "Tea", "Tomato", "Wheat", "Whey", "Wine", "Yam"}, 
 "Date" -> {}}

You first see all possible QuantifierValues for "AgricultureProduct". That then leads to the command

EntityProperties["Country","AgricultureConsumptionPerCapita", {"AgricultureProduct"-> "Beer"}]


EntityValue[Entity["Country", "UnitedKingdom"], EntityProperty["Country", "AgricultureConsumptionPerCapita", {"AgricultureProduct" -> "Beer"}]]


enter image description here

gives the result.

I hope that this helps,


PS: This command is nice:

TableForm[{#, EntityValue[Entity["Country", "UnitedKingdom"], EntityProperty["Country", "AgricultureConsumptionPerCapita", {"AgricultureProduct" -> #}]]} & /@ EntityValue["Country", "AgricultureConsumptionPerCapita", "QualifierValues"][[1, 2]]]

It gives

enter image description here

POSTED BY: Marco Thiel
Posted 10 years ago

Thank you Marco!

POSTED BY: Diego Zviovich


EntityValue["Marco's Response"]:= Infinity

POSTED BY: David Reiss
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