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Save as pdf broken in version 10.0.2 ?

Posted 10 years ago

It looks like the save as pdf is broken after I update to version 10.0.2 (version 10.0.1 and 10.0.0 have no problem). The labels in the plot become a mess. The copy feature is also broken, for instance when I copy the plot and paste to Keynote.

Are there ways to fix those? The Export function works well though.

Here are screenshots for the problem

enter image description here enter image description here

Note that this is also posted at

POSTED BY: xslittlegrass *
4 Replies

You're right. This functionality is totally hosed.

I don't know how long it has been broken, since I don't save to PDF in this way.

Saving the entire document as a PDF seems to work fine. Save Selection as PDF is also hosed. However, save selection as PNG works well.

This was in issue with the various Mathematica 10 betas -- PDF rendering in general, not just copy as -- and appears to be still broken.

If you Print and then select PDF, then the plot is also messed up, but in a different way. I attached a sample.

My guess is that if you save the notebook as PDF, it uses the OS's PDF renderer, which works fine, and if you Print a PDF, it uses Mathematica's PDF renderer -- as does all the copy/paste options -- but that is only a guess.


I sent in a bug report.

Hi all,

maybe I am missing the primary topic of this post, but here I just have to make a more general remark:

Generating vector graphics is of importance, and for vector graphics there are two prominent formats: .eps and .pdf . My experience here (working basically on Linux, up to now v10.0.1) is a bit frustrating: When I save some notebook as pdf, the output (file size) is just huge. Before beeing able to e.g. email it I have to re-print it as pdf which reduce the size at a factor of 10!

When I save a graphic as .eps (a format I really need!) I have to open the resulting file with a text editor and delete an enormous amount of binary junk. A workaround - at any rate!

Cheers Henrik

POSTED BY: Henrik Schachner

PDF, as I understand it, is an inherently verbose format, or at least, it can be if you aren't careful. I had similar problems with Illustrator, and other programs that save things in vector format -- essentially equivalent to PDF. In principle, any resolution-independent format should have this problem.

What we are looking at here is not that issue, but an apparent bug in the way text is being handled in the PDF. It's not a minor error, but a whopper.

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