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Export a manipulated graphic to powerpoint?

Posted 10 years ago

I am creating a powerpoint for a presentation I'm giving on black holes. I created a 3D revolution plot which requires computations (the resulting graphic that is displayed depends on the value of parameters chosen by sliders). I would like to export this interactive graphic into my powerpoint presentation. I assumed the CDF player would be the way to do this, but when I export it to CDF the graphic won't display, because CDF format does not allow for the computations required to manipulate the graphic. Does anyone know a way I can get the graphic into my powerpoint in a way that I can interact with it?

Jeremy Primus


Why cannot you use Mathematica Slideshow?

  1. Avoid PPT, - use built-in Mathematica slideshow templates, they were recently updated and are beautiful. Advantage is - you preserve all computations and native graphics (like rotations in 3D, etc.). View this video.

  2. If you must use PPT, then Export to .GIF file. I see you tried .SWF, this may work too, but you had some problems. Here are solutions with .GIF file

  3. Exotic option is to make a CDF file, embed it into a web page and then use LiveWeb ( tutorial ) to display the webpage in PPT. Very experimental, no guarantees, I did not try it myself.

  4. You can simply screen-capture and export to .GIF with free utility: LICEcap

POSTED BY: Vitaliy Kaurov
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