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First European Wolfram Technology Conference, 11-12 June, Frankfurt-Germany

Hi all,

We have been very busy the last few months preparing for the first European Wolfram Technology Conference (11-12 June, Frankfurt) which is approaching very fast!

We have now announced our final list of speakers and presentations, and I am thrilled with the great line-up.

There has already been great pick-up in the community, with some very interesting user submissions and attendees from very diverse backgrounds. Everyone's looking forward to networking with users, experts and developers of our technology.

There are still seats available, if you can join us, register here.

Rita Crook
--Marketing Projects Coordinator
--Wolfram Research Europe Ltd.
POSTED BY: Rita Crook
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The line up of talks and presenters looks extremely interesting. The fallowing subjects immediately grabbed my attention (perhaps due to my physics background):
  • Industrial Data Analysis with Machine Learning Framework, Dl Dr Thomas Natschläger, Software Competence Center Hagenberg
  • Using EnterpriseCDF and webMathematica in a New Approach of Accounting Forensics for Company Bankruptcy, Dr Rolf Mertig (Gluon Vision GmbH) & André Koppel (Software GmbH), Germany
  • Simulating Black Hole Systems, Seth Hopper, Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics
I'd love to attend these - always curious to see how Wolfram Technologies are getting applied.
POSTED BY: Vitaliy Kaurov
This conference looks fantastic.
I'm personally interested in the education side of things (being involved in the project), and although Conrad will be speaking specifically about the project, it will be very interesting to see the latest technologies that really impact education.
Of course, the whole point of is to teach maths in a way that develops the relevant skills for the real world applications of maths - using computers. With that in mind it'll be extremely interesting to hear what users of Wolfram technologies are doing in the workplace.
I'll be sitting in on this presentation for sure:

PlateMod: Online and Offline Modeling of Heavy Plate Production in Steel Industry
Dr Erik Parteder
Voestalpine Grobblech GmbH, Austria

Look forward to seeing everyone there!
POSTED BY: Michael Belcher
Wow, that's quite a lineup; you sure brought out the big guns in terms of the minds driving the development of Mathematica. The case studies sound interesting too; haven't heard of half these things before. 

Great to see Wolfram working on all things Cloud, I assume the fabled Mathematica Online will be making an appearance... 

Other talks that sound fun: 
 - "Tailor-Made C Code Generation with the SymbolicC Package"
 - "Using Mathematica as a Platform for Solving Industrial Problems" 
 - "Stability Analysis and Visualization of One-Wheeled Robot Steady Motion"
 - "10 Tips for Writing Fast Wolfram Language Code"

And I see it'll take place at the FRA Radisson Blu - apparently the only circular hotel in all of Europe... shiny! 
POSTED BY: Werner Schuster
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