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Hyperlink[] gives "file not found" message

Posted 11 years ago
Can anyone tell me why this Hyperlink command
fail with the following message: "The file you tried to open was not found or could not be opened."  It also fails if I use UNC notation to designate the file name.  And it fails if I leave out the protocol descripter "file://."  In the file name the third backslash after "Statistics" is not in the original.  This website put that in.
POSTED BY: Charles Elliott
2 Replies
In the file name the third backslash after "Statistics" is not in the original. This website put that in.
To avoid any code corruption please use designated code blocks while for code pasting - as I did when re-edited your post. Use this button to make code block, once code-block appears - paste codeinto it.

POSTED BY: Vitaliy Kaurov

Your syntax:
Hyperlink[ { "label", "uri" } ]

is not correct.

In your usage, the function would expect two arguments, like so:
Hyperlink[ label, uri ]

For the URI, I would leave of the "file://" part, and just use the menu item Insert -> File Path... to ensure a correctly formatted filename.
POSTED BY: Arnoud Buzing
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