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Soothing Mandala-like Animation

Posted 5 years ago
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Life is stressful. Seems unbelievable, but Mathematica can help us relax after just a few lines of code. This quite simple piece of code generates animated mandala-like pictures that will calm you down. At least, this works for me :)

  Table[{Thick, Dotted, Hue[r/360, 1, 1, .4], 
    Line[{{Cos[x r Degree], Sin[x r Degree]},
             {Cos[39 r Degree], Sin[ 39 r Degree]}}]}, 
  {r, 0, 360, 1}], 
{x,Select[Range[1, 360], ! IntegerQ[#/3] &]}, 
ControlPlacement -> Top,DefaultDuration -> 360]

39 in the second point of line was chosen by chance. I've decided, that 2D parameters are unnecessary. I've also decided to skip multiplies of 3 in iterator x, because they produce not so harmonic pictures as others.

enter image description here

I've also found some images that look especially fascinating for me (however, there is so much more to explore!) enter image description hereenter image description here

So turn on some relaxing music...I hope you'll enjoy it!)

7 Replies

The second one is very neat, can't figure out the 'rule' ! very intricate.

This is it:

  Table[{Thick, Dotted, Hue[r/360, 1, 1, .4], 
    Line[{{Cos[31 r Degree], Sin[31 r Degree]},
             {Cos[39 r Degree], Sin[ 39 r Degree]}}]}, 
  {r, 0, 360, 1}]

Also looks great in black and white:

enter image description here

I only knew of these kinds of visualizations:

Graphics[Line[Tuples[N@CirclePoints[17], 2]]]

enter image description here

However yours are much more intricate, very nicely done!

If you can generate an animation that makes people dizzy, you could probably make money selling it to people who need to retrain their vestibulo-ocular reflex, the brain circuitry that coordinates inputs from the various senses.

enter image description here - another post of yours has been selected for the Staff Picks group, congratulations !

We are happy to see you at the tops of the "Featured Contributor" board. Thank you for your wonderful contributions, and please keep them coming!

Very nice!

Wow! This is great material. You can find many of these crazy-looking animations at the Twitter account "Tweet-a-Program": Mrs. Silvia Torosyan is a frequent contributor; some of her codes are published thereof. :-)

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