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Diego Zviovich
An honor to be of service. Please follow Daniel’s request. Happy holidays.
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Thank you for your kind words Pedro.
Hola Jose, if you click the button at the end of the posting that says [Make Your Own Copy] you can get the notebook.
How about this? data = Table[ RandomVariate[BetaDistribution[2, RandomReal[]], 100], {4}, {2}]; DistributionChart[data, ChartLegends -> {"False", "True"}, ChartLabels -> {{"0-9", "10-19", "20-29", "30+"}, None}] ![enter...
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Hi Jorge, sent you an email so we can discuss in detail. Best.
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Excellent post [@Christopher Wolfram][at0] , I was working along the same lines. I'll switch the focus to cover other interesting aspects of using this type of models. [at0]:
Please refer to the published notebook @ [spatial-temporal COVID-19 simulations and visualizations over USA][1]. Document too big to upload into the community. Enjoy. ![enter image description here][2] [1]:...