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Ruben Garcia Berasategui
Great post Jonathan! Looking forward to more of them in the near future
MacBook Pro and OS High Sierra
Hi Peter, what a great idea! I'm actually experiencing the same issues with my remote math teaching activites and I hope Wolfram can seriously consider implementing that functionality in the near future.
Just in case someone may find it useful, I was still having problems installing R version 3.6.2 in Mathematica 12.1 until I executed: JLink`UninstallJava[] before the InstallR command. That did the trick for me.
Hi Victor, great post! Looking forward to the second part.
Hi Seth, Great post! Will the contents of this notebook be part of your forthcoming book?
I got the answer directly from Professor Schneider and I'm sharing it here in case other people may be interested: ![Table of Contents][1] There's also a website: [1]:...
Hi Katja, thanks for the message. Here are two suggestions: Developing GUIs in Mathematica and Engineering Mathematics
Hi Martijn, thanks for the explanation. I assumed that the second argument was the variance. Regards, Ruben