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Check out this project: **MetalLink: GPU computations on Apple Silicon**
I think this now makes much more sense. This probably should be incorporated in the original top post, not only in the comment. Thanks for looking into this.
Dear [@Jonathan][at0], this sounds great! The course says it is **Intermediate**. Is any prerequisite knowledge required -- finance or any other kind? [at0]:
Perhaps the developers [@Kirill Belov][at0] and [@Kirill Vasin][at1] have some thoughts on this. [at0]: [at1]:
Attaching your data to the post would be helpful.
Edit your post and re-upload proper notebook.
[@Roland Franzius][at0] I think what [@A Chase Turner][at1] means is focus on adding computational Wolfram Language code to the paper in a comprehensive manner so original narrative remains. [at0]:
Perfect! Thank you so much for doing this. I can even rotate the 3D plot now :-)
Did anyone try ChatGPT Wolfram plugin that was announced recently? > **QUOTE**: ...given some candidate code, the Wolfram plugin can run it, and if the results...
Very cool! But I do not think this post shows the actual Brachistochrone curve, right? Also, for the oscillatory curve, should / could not the ball jump a bit? Or the problem somehow is formulated not for a ball, but for a bid on a wire?