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How does one start a Subtitle Cell in V10?

Posted 10 years ago

WRI has changed the way style sheets work in Version 10 and does not appear to give any information on this. It looks like Subtitle, and perhaps Subsubtitle are somehow grouped with Title but there is no way to get at them. They are not on any of the Style menus.

They have also introduced a new Chapter Cell in the Default sheet that usurps the key number for Subtitle - so I can't get at it that way either.

Does anyone know how to enter these old standby Cell styles?

It is one thing to improve functionality of existing Cell Styles but an entirely other thing to change their basic underlying format and accessibility.

Another problem in V10 is that the various negative spaces, e.g., [NegativeVeryThinSpace]", no longer work as they used to. They now insert large negative spaces so one can no longer fine tune formats with them. One either gets a large gap or overlap.

8 Replies

You can do this programmatically:

CellPrint[Cell["Test", "Subtitle"]]

But via interface for standar workflow - this is one of the ways:

enter image description here

POSTED BY: Vitaliy Kaurov

Thanks Vitaliy, but it's seems to be another Windows problem. In my Formatting Toolbar neither Subtitle nor Subsubtitle appear in the menu. Nor do they appear on any other Style menus.

And one really shouldn't have to do this by programming.

Subtitle and Subsubtitle are still in the Format>Style menu but they are now located below the Output style listing:

enter image description here

POSTED BY: David Reiss

OK, thanks David, I missed that. Well, they're not exactly in an obvious location.

Posted 10 years ago

If you use Alt-1 to create a Title cell, then when the cursor is at the start of the cell Tab will add subness (i.e, take Title to Subtitle and then Subsubtitle) and Shift-Tab will remove it. This should now work uniformly for the various styles, so chapters, sections, items, and so forth should all be the same. If not, that's a bug!

POSTED BY: Itai Seggev

The issue with \[NegativeVeryThinSpace], as well as corresponding issues with the other negative spacing characters, has been fixed for the 10.0.1 release. Which I can't put a precise date on, yet, but you'll probably see it sometime next month.

POSTED BY: John Fultz

Thanks Itai and John. I was trying every combination of using Tab except the correct one!

Additionally, Alt-0 opens the Format > Style > Other... dialog. That allows you to type in a style name manually without unformatting the cell.

POSTED BY: Larry Adelston
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