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Raspberry Pi resources and ideas for children in age range 9 yrs to 14 yrs?

Posted 9 years ago
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I've got a bright 9 year old with a good creative streak and a natural systems outlook on building stuff. I'm looking around for something that will allow him to get into computing in a general sense (not just software) and am considering the Raspberry Pi because it's got Scratch and the Wolfram Language on it.

To get him going in the shallow end of the learning pool I was wondering if there any resources for children of this age (and slightly older) that will give them a good structured introduction to the Wolfram Language (ideally on the Raspberry Pi)? If it helps to have a more powerful processor, I've also got Mathematica 10 on an iMac.

Many Thanks,


POSTED BY: Stuart Bruff
4 Replies

If you are still looking for resources I just posted a notebook that has a self-paced tutorial designed for kids age 9-14, it was made specifically to run on the Raspberry Pi. The current content is mostly an introduction to the Wolfram Language, but the notebook can also be used to easily build your own tutorials including connections to GPIO :)

POSTED BY: Kyle Keane

HI Stuart, You may already be aware that Wolfram has a very good online introduction to the Wolfram Language: Wolfram Language A fast introduction to programers. Best, Chris.

I'll also add a shameless plug for my article in the MagPi that describes how to make a colorimeter for analyzing food dyes and my inverted microscope made with a Raspberry Pi, some Legos and is controlled via Mathematica on the Pi.



I (and others) have written some simple example projects on this community, that you can try out:

(and so on, you can search for posts under the Raspberry Pi group).

For a fast introduction to the language, you could check out Stephen Wolfram's introduction.

POSTED BY: Arnoud Buzing
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