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Awesome; this not just art, but explaining and teaching...should be in the docs!
Ok, but is that a bug in Mathematica or suggest an improved rules or how to provide the correct assumptions to those rules. I am only following what Mathematica gives me. Please help me to do better, thanks.
Wonderful, now I have a template to use/edit going forward in my translating textbook text into live Mathematica code experiments. Since there are definitions and assumptions that are stated before giving the formula or function. Thank you!
Correct, a typo on my part, but my point was the parsing of the Tex into Mathematica. There is no log, only Log in Mathematica. It does not make sense to me why the Tex parser would not give me Log.
Cool, Eric, thank you! Elegant approach. Learned even more! But this assuming a table data format structure?, or can this be used for formats?
The notebook needs to be restored; please. Why is this taking so long to get restored??
Drawing upon the Association version of my organizing of Core Language symbols/functions, I tried to create a hierarchical PopupMenus to provide a GUI for that Association dataset. However, there are flaws with my coding; so it needs to be more...
Hi, Did I confuse anyone? Yes, I can manually grab the code from once I show its an ExpressionCell; thats easy. The code is wrapped in an ExpressionCell; so, how do I pull out the code by using code?? I assume it might mean to use Boxes and...
Using DynamicModule, I created by ( function name, mkSymBtn) a powerful ActionMenu widget so it can save its definitions. It works great; note each is unique by name and use; tried to use unique var names too (though learning how to use Unique...
So SetAttributes[foo2, HoldAll] is placed after I defined foo using Module?