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Mike Besso
While setting up my new MacBookPro with Mathematica, Workbench and Eclipse, I installed Workbench 3. Unfortunately, I get jlink errors when trying to unit test or open a Notebook from Workbench. I've already opened a support ticket, but it is...
Thank you for the heads up. Heads up like this are very helpful.
Check out [TableView][1] [1]:
I think the US does at least a decent job of providing accurate time at: That said, I needed a challenge this afternoon. How about this (it seems to match First cell: now = DateString[Now,...
Are there any new Apple Silicon benchmarks with the new build?
check out:
Check out [this post][1]. [1]:
Andy: I'm not at a place where I can try anything right now. But, let me give this my best guess. I think the answer might be yes, but the function would have to return a pattern. Your example returns true/false.
Rohit: Thanks. I can trust the space-time continuum again. :)
Check out the "possible issues" section of the documentation for NotebookEvaluate[]. It looks like you might have to set the context.