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How do you analyze data of a Facebook PAGE?

Posted 11 years ago
I'm trying to get data analyzed for a Facebook page that I run but all I can figure out is how to do my personal page.
Can anyone help?
POSTED BY: Becca Bastin
6 Replies

The SocialMediaData function is really designed for personal analytics on your own Facebook page. As you've probably seen, you have to authorize the Mathematica connection app with a code you copy from Facebook to Mathematica.

It depends on how smoothly you need collecting the data to be. If you want it to be very smooth, then you probably want to make a Facebook app for that purpose. For information on that or the API, you'll want to contact Facebook though since that's not using Mathematica's SocialMediaData function.

POSTED BY: Sean Clarke

Hi guys, my question is related to the one in this thread. The application that I'm trying to design needs to, somehow, build a range of statistics on my users, if they approve. So first of all, I'm getting their permission AND they're connecting their Facebook account to my application.

Basically, when you run the Facebook profile analysis on your own profile, it tells you how many friends you have, their friends, common friends, and a wealth of other information about you and those friends.

I need that for my users so that I can group them according to that data.

Can I use the API to do this?

POSTED BY: Santosh Krishnan
Posted 11 years ago
analyze ur facebook account with Wolfram online 
POSTED BY: Ammar Tajeddin
Nice, Martin. Some other visual-ready stats I found:
SocialMediaData[{"Facebook", "mathematica"}, k, "FormattedData"],
{{k, "ActivityRecentHistory", ""},
  {"ActivityRecentHistory", "ActivityTypes", "ActivityWeeklyDistribution", "Picture", "WallPostLength", "WallWeeklyAppActivity"}}]

POSTED BY: Vitaliy Kaurov
I may have misunderstood, but if you're interested in pages rather than profiles you can do the following:
SocialMediaData[{"Facebook", "mathematica"}, "Properties"]
For instance we can see how busy my colleagues are updating the official Wolfram Research facebook page with the following:
SocialMediaData[{"Facebook","mathematica"}, "ActivityWeeklyDistribution", "FormattedData"]

As Sean says you will get more from directly using the various APIs Facebook makes available.
POSTED BY: Martin Hadley
The function SocialMedia data allows you to find out a number of things about your facebook friends as long as their privacy settings allow it. Please see the Details section in this page:

It sounds like you are looking for information about people in a facebook group who aren't your friends which isn't what SocialMediaData is really designed to do. SocialMediaData implements a very useful subset of the full facebook API, but not the entire thing. There may be some functionality in the Facebook API which would be useful to you.

You may want to consult the underlying facebook API. This will tell you what kind of information facebook will actually allow you to have.
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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