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Is there a missing step in the examples for SocialMediaData?

I would like to create a network graph of my Twitter account. According to the Mathematica 9 documentation, after I have given Mathematica authorized access to my account, I should be able to accomplish this with:
SocialMediaData["Twitter", "FollowerNetwork"]
Instead of a Twitter Follower network graph, I receive the error message:
SocialMediaData::notprop: FollowerNetwork is not a known property for SocialMediaData. Use SocialMediaData["Properties"] for a list of properties. >>
When I run
it yields:
During evaluation of In[12]:= SocialMediaData::notent: Properties is not a known entity, class, or tag for SocialMediaData. Use SocialMediaData[] for a list of entities. >>
I am copying these simple expressions directly from the documentation - I would appreciate any suggestions for a source of error that I am overlooking.

Thank you,
Justin Smith
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Alexander this site is user community. For communications with technical support team please visit their contact page.
POSTED BY: Moderation Team
I wonder if there already is some feedback from Wolfram Technical Support. I'm still getting the exact same error message and Justin's answer regading tch support is more the 4 months old.
Follow up information:
I received a note from Wolfram Technical Support indicating that the error I was encountering is caused by an error in the underlying Mathematica code and will repaired in the next release. From what I understand, the error does not result from an API limitation.
Great observation. The API limitation makes sense as a cause for this error. I am running into a similar problem with LinkedIn, too. Given the intrinsic limitation, I don't imagine that there is a reasonable workaround. Does this mean that until the developers address the API limit, Social Network Analysis is hit or miss?
Thank you,

You may be exceeding the Twitter API rate limit (which is actually very easy to do in the Twitter case):

I just ran into the same issue while looking into your problem and I am getting those API client errors (429).

The errors issued by Mathematica are not helpful (I will report this to the developer).
POSTED BY: Arnoud Buzing
Thank you Vitaliy:
1. Yes, I did authorize Mathematica to access my Twitter account.
2. I will watch the recommended video and appreciate the reference which I was not able to find on my review of the learning resources and knowledge base in Mathematica.
3. Oops. While I did read the ground rules for the community, I overlooked the point you raised - I did wonder how everyone else posting preserved the structure and coloration of their code while I consistently failed to do so despite looking for a solution. My apologies for any inconvenience I have caused and thank you for educating me.
Note: Regarding my research interest in big data applications in clinical medicine and epidemiology, I have undertaken to learn Mathematica such that I can set up my own analyses and have direct access to the possibilities that this software affords to improve health care.  Given the maturity and sophistication of Mathematica I am at a loss to explain why so few academic physicians and epidemiologists use it.
Welcome to Wolfram Community, Justin! I read your bio and it is very interesting to see Mathematica used for medical data mining. With relation to this post I'd like to say 3 things.
  • If you are trying to use a real social media account, like Facebook or Tweeter, - did you obtain authentication key from social media site to paste back to Mathematica?
  • I recommend watching this video if you have not yet: Mathematica Experts Live: Social Network Analysis
  • Now about this community guidelines. Have you notice that your posts are being edited and code is placed in special dedicated code-blocks? This is done to preserve proper code formatting and highlighting and help folks who is trying to help you in processing your code. Could you please please always use code-blocks as shown below? Thank you!
POSTED BY: Vitaliy Kaurov
Thank you Arnoud for your suggestions and comments. Here is the output from my system:
 In[1]:= Needs["PacletManager`"]
 In[2]:= PacletFind["*Social*"]
 "Name" -> "SocialMediaData", "Version" -> "",
 "MathematicaVersion" -> "9+", "BackwardCompatible" -> "*",
 "Extensions" -> {{
"Resource", "Root" -> "Data",
"Resources" -> {"SocialMediaData.wdx"}}},
"Location" -> "/Users/JPS1/Library/Mathematica/Paclets/Repository/\

In[3]:= SystemInformation["Small"]

Out[3]= {"Kernel" -> {"SystemID" -> "MacOSX-x86-64",
"ReleaseID" -> " (4055646, 4055073)",
"CreationDate" -> {2013, 1, 24, 20, 31, 41}},
"FrontEnd" -> {"OperatingSystem" -> "MacOSX",
"ReleaseID" -> " (4055646, 4055633)",
"CreationDate" -> {2013, 1, 25, 11, 29, 54}}}
This should work.

Can you edit your post and include the following information (your outputs may be different):
 In[1]:= Needs["PacletManager`"]
 In[2]:= PacletFind["*Social*"]
 Out[2]= {
  "Name" -> "SocialMediaData", "Version" -> "",
   "MathematicaVersion" -> "9+", "BackwardCompatible" -> "*",
   "Extensions" -> {{
    "Resource", "Root" -> "Data",
     "Resources" -> {"SocialMediaData.wdx"}}},
  "Location" -> "C:\\Users\\arnoudb.WRI\\AppData\\Roaming\\\

In[3]:= SystemInformation["Small"]

Out[3]= {"Kernel" -> {"SystemID" -> "Windows-x86-64",
   "ReleaseID" -> " (4055652, 4055188)",
   "CreationDate" -> {2013, 1, 25, 0, 3, 27}},
"FrontEnd" -> {"OperatingSystem" -> "Windows",
   "ReleaseID" -> " (4055652, 4055634)",
   "CreationDate" -> {2013, 1, 25, 11, 32, 33}}}
POSTED BY: Arnoud Buzing
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