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Kyle Martin
René, I'd recommend sending a minimized example of your notebook to for them to look over for regressions.
Hussain, Of course I would first check that you filled out the form correctly with a valid payment information (I'm sure you already did this). Otherwise, I think your best chance of getting a reply from someone who can help will be to fill out...
Did you restart Mathematica after deleting the palette?
If you're evaluating Wolfram Language code, why not do so in Mathematica, the Wolfram Engine, or the Wolfram Cloud (or some other WL environment)? I always treated Wolfram|Alpha handling any raw WL code as me getting lucky rather than a feature I...
Thanks for the pointer, I've reported this to the appropriate development team.
Thanks for the details!
I can confirm that this is a regression in 12.1. We're looking into it, I'll update this thread if I come across a workaround.
Does this help?
Increasing `PlotPoints` might help, but it will be difficult to definitively say much more without reproducible code.
Perhaps this is trivial, but I want to be sure: It is essential that your cursor be _within_ the cell when you hit SHIFT+ENTER. In your screenshot, you have the line below the cell, and if you hit SHIFT+ENTER in this scenario, nothing will happen. ...