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Sander Huisman
Thanks for the clues! I have no idea on crater-explosion sizing though. Perhaps with the AN being relatively spread out (low height). I could imagine the models assume a 'point' explosion or a spherical-shaped explosion. So the crater might be wide,...
Aah sorry, I do not see where the "share an idea" shows up after posting. Not sure on either to be honest. Are you running Windows or Linux? And have you contacted them directly to ask whether or not your specific GPU is supported?
Did you report this already? Thanks fir the solution!
I think you have auto translation on in your browser the function is called: ResourceFunction["CurveAnalysis"]
Thanks for sharing! very cool!
Alternatively, one uses HistogramList and then just uses ListPlot with InterpolationOrder -> 1 or 2 and it looks fine.
If you don't want to write it as a lambda function (as I did), this is indeed a much better solution.
If[overwriteBrightBandsPlot, Export[brightBandsPlotPNGfile, LPXH2]; Print["Wrote LPXH2 to ", brightBandsPlotPNGfile]; Print[]; ]; Should work as you thinkā€¦
You would need two parallel lines at the end of your red lines. such that everything is between 'callipers'.
Plot[LegendreP[70 + 3/2, 3/2, x], {x, -1, 1}, PlotPoints -> 100] ![enter image description here][1] seems fine for Mathematica V12.2 MacOS. [1]:...