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Sander Huisman
Have a look at the tutorial/TemperatureUnits page in the documentation.
I remember programming this 20–25 years ago. Very simple algorithm with a very nice effect! Thanks for sharing the Wolfram Language implementation!
did you try the methods 1 through 4 on line 2?
Fixed that, I could see it myself, but not others. Now removed the music and reuploaded. link updated.
Put your definitions in a .m file of .txt file, and then use the Get command. Get["MyFile.txt"] or using the
Very nice! Thanks for sharing!
Indeed, I have used Watershed transform on these, there is even a Voronoi example in the documentation of WatershedComponents.
When I make a figure in mathematica I always tell myself (basically) that any option that is automatic, might change in the future or be influenced somehow. You can do AbsoluteOptions on both object and inspect what changed and copy those options....
Very satisfying to watch! Thanks for sharing!
I have already requested VideoJoin and ConformVideos actually. They know about it internally…