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Jofre Espigule-Pons
Jofre Espigule-Pons
Wolfram Research
LOCATION: Barcelona
WEBSITE: Not indicated
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I have a background in physics, but I also have a passion for exploring various other fields.

In the past, I conducted research on mathematical physics and studied several biophysics models to better understand how birds are capable of detecting the Earth's magnetic field, which remains an open mystery. Additionally, I participated in a laboratory experiment that demonstrated humans can detect a single photon with the naked eye.

During my hiking adventures, I have been actively recording biodiversity data using iNaturalist. I have also published several biodiversity data functions on the Wolfram Function Repository. In this Wolfram Blog post I introduced some of those functions: Accessing Monarch Biodiversity Data with New Wolfram Language Functions

Since mid-2020, I have been a research scientist at the Wolfram Machine Learning team. There, I've been working on state-of-the-art image recognition neural networks and multilingual transformer models: