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Teaming Up the Wolfram Language and Raspberry Pi

Wolfram Research and the Raspberry Pi Foundation joined forces six years ago to make Mathematica available as a bundled part of every Raspberry Pi computer's standard system software. More recently, Version 12 of Mathematica and the Wolfram Language were launched on Raspberry Pi 4, and 10 Wolfram Language projects were posted to the Raspberry Pi Foundations's projects site.

The power of the Wolfram Language, combined with the performance strength of Raspberry Pis and the innovative mindset of Wolfram Language aficionados, have brought many fascinating ideas to fruition. Let's take a look at a sample of them from posts by Wolfram Community Raspberry Pi enthusiasts.

By Armeen Mahdian:

Controlling an RGB LED with GPIO pins »

Control an RGB LED with a Raspberry Pi and the Wolfram Cloud.

Controlling an RGB LED with PWM pins »

Light up an RGB LED with a nearly infinite number of colors. Set a timer to automatically change the color as often as you'd like!

Monitoring Analog Devices »

Upload input from a Raspberry Pi to the Wolfram Cloud.

By Arnoud Buzing:

Arnoud Buzing's projects

Building a GPS Tracker »

Build a simple GPS tracker with only five hardware components.

Checking the Weather »

Check the temperature, relative humidity and barometric pressure with a few lines of code.

Controlling the Raspberry Pi's Camera»

Learn how to take photographs by controlling your Raspberry Pi's camera with the Wolfram Language.

Using the Raspberry Pi's GPIO »

Enjoy a step-by-step guide to using the Raspberry Pi's General Purpose Input Output pins.

By BoB LeSuer:

The periodic table powered by the Wolfram Language

A Vernier Go!Link Package »

Create a user friendly data acquisition system using Vernier sensors, a Raspberry Pi and Mathematica.

Interactive Periodic Table »

Display various period trends on a laser-cut periodic table with LEDs that obey voice commands.

Portable Low-Cost Sensor System »

Push the limits of using Mathematica and a Raspberry Pi together by creating a sensor system.

By Brett Haines:

Mike Foale's machine learning flight system

Machine Learning Flight System »

Analyze data to determine whether a pilot might be about to lose control of the plane and alert pilots about potentially unsafe flying conditions.

By Pablo Ruales:

Data from Pablo Ruales' accelerometer

Accelerometer-Based Classifier for Human Motion »

Acquire, curate and analyze experimental data from everyday actions such as walking, running and climbing stairs.

By Hirokazu Kobayashi:

Parallel Mathematica Environment on the RaspberryPi using OOP

Parallel Mathematica Environment using OOP »

Using a sample application of Object Oriented Programming for Mathematica cluster computing, deploy a constructed instance image to calculating servers and send messages.

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If you've worked with the Wolfram Language on the Raspberry Pi, we'd love to see your work posted here in the Wolfram Community's Raspberry Pi group. If you haven't joined Wolfram Community yet, join today!

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